IANA (International Academy Nutrition and Aging)

The International Academy Nutrition & Aging contributes to developing :

• Scientific activities and their industrial applications
• Informative and training programs about Nutrition and Aging.


• Nutritional needs of older people
• Nutritional prevention of pathologies associated with aging
• Nutrition and longevity
• Nutrition and quality of aging
• Malnutrition: causes and consequences
• Oral and enteral feeding
• Functional foods
• Sarcopenia
• Frailty
• Nutrition, Cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s Disease.


• Renowned scientific KOLs
• Industrial business groups directly interested in the development of research and its applications in Nutrition and Aging.


• Dispatching a monthly newsletter exclusively to members of the Academy devoted to:
→ Research and nutrition actions: grant proposals, financing, teams involved, work progress and results
→ Strong points of recent publications
→ Significant information coming from meetings and personal contacts.

• Organizing of:
→ A yearly scientific meeting
→ Workshops on topics chosen by the Operational Committee.
• Presenting activities of the Academy and its members in the Journal of Nutrition, Health and Aging

• Contributing to the development of nutrition research :

→ Suggesting research topics
→ Participation in research programs
→ Granting awards to outstanding scientific contributions in the Nutrition and Aging field.

The Journal of Nutrition, Health & Aging (JNHA)

• The Journal of Nutrition, Health and Aging is the Official Journal of the International Academy of Nutrition & Aging.
• It is indexed in Medline/Index Medicus. Distributed by SPRINGER

Call for abstracts

Symposium / Oral Communication / Poster: deadline OCTOBER 10, 2023