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Where is Toulouse ?


Toulouse is located in south-western France and is the capital of the Occitanie region. It is also known as Europe's aerospace capital.


In figures, Toulouse is :

  • Occitanie's 1st largest city, with 500,000 inhabitants
  • France's 4th-largest student city, with 120,000 students in higher education
  • Welcomes nearly 5.5 million visitors every year


Nicknamed the Pink City, because of the color of the traditional local building material, terracotta brick, the city boasts an exceptionally rich heritage, inherited from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.


Toulouse is renowned for its gentle way of life, the friendliness of its people and its gastronomy, emblematic of south-western France. The vibrant Pink City is always full of events: exhibitions, concerts, congresses and festivals.


Getting around Toulouse


Metro :

With its 2 lines, the metro is the fastest way to get around Toulouse. The Toulouse metro is an automatic, driverless metro with secure platforms.


Tramway :

The tram network is also ideal for getting around the city. The tramway line provide a link with line A of the metro at Arènes station, which will take you to the main city centre stations such as Capitole or Jean-Jaurès.


Bus :

More than a hundred bus routes criss-cross the city and the surrounding area, providing a very efficient service to the entire region. Like everywhere else, buses display their number and destination on the front of the vehicle. Linéo buses are double “accordion” buses that provide a link between the communes of the metropolitan area and the metro or tram stations. They are marked with an L and the bus number. With very frequent service, these buses bring the whole metropolitan area within a stone’s throw of the Place du Capitole, offering passengers a high quality of service and comfort.







Access from the airport


Located close to the centre of Toulouse, there are many ways of easily and quickly getting from the airport to the Toulouse town centre and surrounding area. Toulouse-Blagnac Airport provides a diverse transport network to make travelling easier.






  • The airport’s secure official car parks, located closest to the terminal.


  • The Tisséo airport shuttle (9€) or bus routes 30 and 31 (1.70€ - 2€) will take you to the city center.


  • Private transport services, taxis and private hire vehicles will take you to a chosen destination.


  • There are car hire services for business trips in and around Toulouse.






France is the world's most visited destination, with over 80 million visitors a year. 66th on the list of the 162 safest countries in the world (Global Peace Index). This makes Toulouse a safe city, day and night.


An ethical and responsible destination


The Toulouse metropolitan area places sustainable development at the heart of its development projects, from urban planning to transport.


It has been committed to sustainable development for several years and provides local solutions to the environmental and economic challenges posed by global climate change, through its "Territorial Climate Air Energy Plan" project


The region's restaurateurs and accommodation providers are also committed to minimizing the impact of their activities.








Buisness destination


For several years now, Toulouse has been one of France's top 5 cities for international congresses, according to the ICCA (International Congress and Convention Association) rankings.


Toulouse is home to a number of high-performance facilities that are fully adapted to all types of needs. At your disposal: 2 convention centers with two 500-seat amphitheaters and exhibition areas (1,200m2 and 2,000m2).








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